Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Windows Phone 7?

Now that Windows (mobile) phone 7 is here would any one be interested in updated support of the library for the new OS?

Answers in comments below.

If I can get enough enthusiasm and perhaps one or two volunteers (see the groups) to write some sample applications that would be amazing. Plus I've got lots of ideas for great ways to visualise the data which would work well on a phone.


  1. Hi, I'm interested too.

    I was looking for some information to develop a live timing utility for WP7 when I have found your blog.

    My two cents to help you.



  2. Hi Jorge, send me an email at livetiminglib [at] gmail and I'll answer your questions. Cheers Liam.

  3. is there any progress towards an Windows phone f1 live timing app?

  4. A kind contributor has recently added something for WP7 to a branch, it's not yet ready for general use but you're more than welcome to take a look and feedback.


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