Sunday, 16 February 2014

Windows Mobile Application by Andrej

Thank you to the valiant efforts of Andrej (his username) a Windows Mobile Application is now available in the source tree. See here:  F1 Live Timing Source. I used the word valiant, because not long ago he was asked to remove his application from the Windows Mobile App Store. A real shame. Nevertheless it's now available for you to access. A big thank you goes to you Andrej and here are a few teaser screen shots. Now go take a look!


  1. hi, Liam. is it possible to get this application. i have downloaded this app on wp7. it still works and we having fun using it. but we hope that this app will be released on wp8. and it will be possible to download this app.
    Thank you for all. success and good luck to you.

  2. Hi Andrey. Thanks for the interest. Sadly this type of application is not suitable for the Windows App Store due to licensing. So I'm afraid the only way to get it on to your device is to build the app from source and deploy for yourself (I can't offer you support to do this I'm afraid). Best of luck and thanks for taking interest!


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