Tuesday, 28 July 2009

First beta release package

after playing with nant and creating various build targets, I've finally got a mechanism for building a package with documentation etc (although the doc's are still rubbish). You can find the first beta release, #1, here at:


I will try and get round to writing a getting started guide/wiki for the next release, so sorry about the lack of help. However if you refer to the sample code in the help file this should be enough for most to get started. Any other questions, bugs or feedback please message me on the groups.



  1. Hiya, can't find any of the Simulation Data in the ZIP file. I'd really like to start developing some apps for this Library.

    Also, any chance of getting the source code ? I'd like to port tis to Windows Mobile.


  2. Hi John (and others). The Zip file doesn't include the simulation data (I'm not certain I'm allowed to distribute it). If you'd like the source code it's open source so you'll need to get an SVN client (TortoiseSVN) and visit the project at:


    I'm also quite keen to get it ported to Windows Mobile myself, and so if you'd like to contribute this I'd be very greatful. I did make a start on it, perhaps you'd like to continue it :)

  3. Thanks for the info. I'll grab the SourceCode.

    How would I generate the Simulated Data? Does the source have a tool to do so?

  4. Send me an email (can be found on the homepage) and I'll try and help. Thanks, Liam.

  5. Hi, Liam. I have problem - authorization failed in your program. I think authorization url changed, may it be?
    Sorry for my english.

  6. The Authorization url has changed. I've updated with a replacement which worked for second practice (Bahrain). It looks like a temporary one though, so I suspect it's going to change again in the near future.

    You should update your source code to get the new changes. Thanks, Liam.


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